Tips of Wedding Photography


Months of wedding planning go into this one fleeting day. Capture those priceless moments in photographs you will treasure for years to come.

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Choosing the right professional wedding photographer is an essential part of accomplishing this. Good photographers will demonstrate competence, experience, and knowledge of their equipment. One local professional recommends looking for a photographer that interacts well with people. Your photographer is present for much of your wedding day, and you do not want someone that makes you or your guests uncomfortable. A professional photographer will offer an easy-to-understand contract or brochure that states explicitly what is included in your photography package. Make sure to check references!

In order to cut costs, it may be tempting to as a friend or relative to shnap a few photographs for you. This is a lot of pressure to place on; someone who is not a professional, and the risk of accidental loss or damage rises dramatically. A professional photographer will not only safeguard against catastrophes, he or she will also be able to help make decisions about style, poses and the sequence of shots. In adddition, professionals can be a tremendous resource because they have wedding expertise that extends beyond the camera. Photographers are one of the few professionals there throughout the day. They know which other wedding professionals are consistently outstanding. Take advantage of your photographer's experience!

Each Photographer approaches his or her artistry with a distinct style. Some take a classic approach, while others take a romantic or dramatic appproach. Find a photographer whose style matches the style you envision for your wedding and your photographs.

As with most other wedding services, book a photographer as soon as possible, which usually means as soon as you have set the wedding date. One photographer also recommends that you have your ceremony and reception sites picked out.

After your wedding, it typically takes four to six weeks to receive proofs. Digital photographers can make proofs almost immediately; however, there is oftentimes so much footage to go through that it takes longer. Many digital photographers will provide a CD to view on a computer or even post an online wedding gallery accessible throught their website.

Engagement Photos
An engagement portrait session is a great chance for camera shy brides and grooms to practice their poses before the big day. It is also an opportunity for you to see your photographer in action. You may already know you like your photographer's style, but it is just as important that you feel comfortable and interact well with your photographer.

These photos mark the beginning of a veru momentous time in your relationship — and a cute shot of the two of your for the newspaper announcement is a must! Book your portrait session four to five months ahead of the wedding so you have plenty of time to submit photos to your local newspaper.
Trash the Dress

As brides stray ever further from the traditional wedding format, they are looking for new and creative ideas to keep their weddings fresh and unique. At the forefront of this quest for originality is the Trash teh Dress campaign. Originating in Las Vegas and quickly spreading across the country, Trash the Dress photographers shoot brides dressed in their wedding gowns in settings that are anything but elegant. Brides have often expressed frustration that they spend so much money on a beautiful gown and can never wear it again. This is their way of rebelling against the controlled formality of the wedding and turning the dress into an event of its own.

A Trash the Dress photo session is usually within a month of the wedding. You can wreak havoc on your gown during a photo shoot by getting it wet, dirty, cutting it up and even burning it. It is an extreme form of personal expression. You are able to create absolutey beautiful imagery while doing fun things you could not possibly do on your wedding day!

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