Wedding Flower and Decorations

Your bouquet can be as much of a focal point as your wedding gown. Be daring! Our florist says, “Most people use monochromatic colors when matching flowers to dresses, but the opposite color on the color wheel better complements the dress. Then, use floral accents that match the dress color to really make the bouquet burst with color.”

Our professional also recommends, “Make sure to ask what is new and trendy.” What is trendy right now? Green is still very popular, but now takes center stage instead of a supporting role for other colors. Pale sorbet colors are also making a comeback. Pinks no longer dominate the scene, but are moving over for peaches, yellows and oranges.
Wedding Flower and Decorations

While hand-tied bouquets are still in high demand, brides now request a combination of styles. Dripping hand-tied bouquets, called pseudo-cascades, use elements from both styles to create beautiful bouquets that just spill over your hands. Don’t be afraid to use berries, feathers, crystals, wire and leaves as accents. Our local florist also suggests mixing modern and traditional flowers, such as orchids with peonies, roses with anthurium, or even ginger with tulips. It may be counterintuitive, but the end product is striking.
Personalize your bouquet and use it to tell your story. Use grandma’s antique wedding dress lace or beading to wrap the stem. Pin an heirloom brooch or weave a strand of pearls or a locket into the midst to satisfy your “something old” or “something borrowed.” To make it even more personal, hide something special in the bouquet for your eyes only.

Decorating is one of the areas where you can either hire a professional or do-it-yourself. If you want to handle every detail yourself, keep in mind that many of the decorations can only be done the day of the wedding. This added stress might not be worth the small savings in the decorating budget. If you do decide to take care of the decorations yourself, it is still helpful to turn to the professionals. Most professional décor providers are happy to sell you supplies, rent out equipment, and even show a few tricks of the trade. Once you make your plans, get approval from your contacts at the ceremony and reception sites.
cost cutting tips:
Wedding Flower and Decorations
double duty: use the cermony altar arrangements to decorate the head table orplace card and gift tables at the reception.

less is more: use flowers in one third of the guest table centerpieces. It brings the essence of flowers into the arrangements for less cost.

the ceremony
The entrance to your ceremony site is the first your guests will see of your wedding. You can use floral wreaths or planters to elegantly grace the doorways. Balloon decorating professionals can create grand entrances using balloon arches or pillars. Decorators can incorporate tulle and ribbon for a more elegant effect. Use floral arrangements, balloons, tulle, and candles or other soft lights to set the atmosphere while guests line up to sign the guest book.
Decorate the altar with flower arrangements or use pedestals to frame the area with flowers and other decorations. One local florist recommends using two floral arrangements on either side of the altar as a cost saving measure. These arrangements can later be used to decorate the reception site.

You will want to especially focus on decorating the aisle. Your goal is to make the aisle as magical as possible. Our professional florist points out that the first time the bride and groom catch sight of each other is oftentimes the walk down the aisle. If you are the bride, this is when all your guests stand up and look only at you; it should be an ethereal atmosphere. You can line the aisle with the heads of blossoms, candles or bows and give the flower girl petals to drop on her walk down the aisle. Tulle, flowers and custom bows make a tasteful way of denoting reserved seating at the ceremony.

the reception
Do not limit beautiful arrangements simply to your ceremony. Balloons are a festive, fun and economical way to welcome guests at your reception. Pomander balls and topiaries are beautifully elegant adornments for both inside and outside.
Table centerpieces are very important for setting the tone of the reception. Guests sit at the tables for several hours and the centerpieces should be an eye-catching conversation piece. They are also a way to convey the couple’s interests. Candles, balloons and flower petals are always classic centerpieces, but consider some other ideas: if you and your significant other are both outdoor enthusiasts, your florist can incorporate prairie grasses into the centerpiece; if you both have a modern style, create something using orchids and river rock in square vases; if you both enjoy cooking, put herbs and a favorite recipe into a planter that your guests can take home as a party favor. Our florist also recommends mixing it up. Use two or three different versions of your centerpiece; it gives depth and provides visual interest.
Wedding Flower and Decorations
In addition to your guest tables, you also have the head table, cake table and gift table. Try to carry the same theme throughout. Transport the floral arrangements from the ceremony altar to use on these tables. Our florist suggests using an abundance of tea lights on the head table. Really try to overdo it. The outcome is a truly magical reception space.

ice sculptures
Ice sculptures are a dramatic way to decorate your reception. Sculptors can chisel these memorable creations into almost any figure you desire, from a bride and groom dancing together to a heart formed by two swans. These ice sculptures are the ultimate personal touch at your wedding and are surprisingly inexpensive for the elegant look they achieve.
Wedding Flower and Decorations

A sculpture typically lasts anywhere from five to eight hours but depends on a multitude of factors such as size, location, time of year, and weather. Moving air of any type will dramatically reduce its longevity, so if outside, keep the sculpture out of the wind, and if inside, keep it away from fans or vents. Contact an ice sculptor about six months in advance to allow adequate time for preparation.

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