Mini Palm Plant Wedding Favor

Palm fronds gently blowing the breeze, a fruity drink at your side—you must be in heaven! With these mini palm plant favors, there’s no need to fly to an exotic isle to enjoy a piece of paradise. Whether you’re planning a summer wedding or exotic garden party, add a touch of the tropics with these great green favors.

mini palm plant
mini palm plant
Price: $3.95 each

In Chinese culture the bamboo plant has been considered lucky for thousands of years. It symbolizes strength and resilience and when given as a gift, it is said to bring good fortune. According to Feng Shui masters, the bamboo plant creates positive energy and balance to any room. A low-maintenance houseplant, the bamboo needs minimal sunshine and little care to survive. This natural and environmentally friendly bamboo plant is a welcomed favor for weddings, corporate events and bridal showers. Choose from a single stalk or a “lucky pair” of bamboos. The square mini pots measure 2“ x 2” x 2” and the round pots 2” H x 1 7/8” in diameter

mini lucky bamboo plants
mini lucky bamboo plants
Price: for 1 bamboo $7.95
Price: for 2 bamboos $8.95

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