Celebrity Wedding Decoration by Preston Bailey Style

Floral Arches Celebrity Wedding Decoration
Floral Arches
"For this outdoor ceremony in California, I wanted the beauty of nature to shine through. We created two floral arches covered in rose garlands leading to the gazebo which we draped in roses and wisteria.

Opposites Attract Celebrity Wedding Decoration
Opposites Attract
"I created this Winter Wonderland wedding in Florida. I loved the juxtaposition of the warm location and the cool, icy look of the ceremony. Winter Wonderland has definitely become a specialty of mine."

Farm Charm Celebrity Wedding Decoration
Farm Charm
"For this ceremony, which took place on my client's farm, we filled the barn with oversized trees decorated with autumn leaves, crystal accents, and hanging votives. This is one of my favorites because I got to bring nature indoors."

Hamptons Hot Celebrity Wedding Decoration
Hamptons Hot
"In this structural tent that I designed, I tried to make the ceiling look like the night sky. The tent was draped with tailored white fabric and uplit with several shades of blue. To contrast the intense blue of the ceiling, I chose rich reds for the tables and chandelier and we used an ornate damask tablecloth to echo the regal tone of the event."

Winter Wonderland Celebrity Wedding Decoration
Winter Wonderland
"This is the famous Melissa Rivers Russian Winter Wonderland, the Winter Wonderland that lead to all the others! We brought in over twenty trees, which were all ornamented with white flowers, crystals, and hanging candles and then washed over in blue lighting.

Statement Making Celebrity Wedding Decoration
Statement Making
"This was a crest we created to adorn the aisle for an outdoor wedding. I am a big believer in greeting guests with dramatic statements. We used moss and roses with a touch of hydrangea to create this elaborate floral sculpture."

Source: www.instyleweddings.com

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